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You owe it to yourself to get a good, firm mattress for your immediate comfort and peak performance the next day, plus long-term health. The fantastic news for you is at 5th Avenue Furniture, households like yours looking for a price break on these premium sleep solutions find one, every time! If you are looking for great deals on brand-name mattresses, look no further than us. We have an extensive collection of affordably priced mattresses for sale, made from high quality materials that are sure to deliver superior comfort and support. No matter what your preference, we guarantee we can provide you with a mattress that is the right fit for you. So when it’s time to replace your mattress, our Detroit, MI mattress store at 15348 Livernois Ave., open Monday through Saturday 10am-7pm, is always your go-to. We carry innovative mattresses from trusted brands for far less.

Fantastic Mattress Deals on Advanced Products
Even if you’re on a tight budget, with our mattress deals you’ll find the latest products for less. We carry everything from the simplest innerspring twin mattress great for a guestroom, with steel coils doing the lifting, to gel-foam hybrid king mattresses you and a partner will simply adore. Our best-seller in this category is a phenomenal 14 inches thick and consists of a strong foam core buttressed by pocketed coils, the last word in mattress quality. This is surrounded by soothing layers of support foam, and best of all, a couple of inches of refreshing memory foam on top. This wonder stuff from the space program fits itself exactly to your body so you and a partner get perfect support even if you’re a demanding side sleeper. Back and stomach sleepers love our second-to-none mattress selection too. And you can take your new full mattress and box foundation home with no credit required or only $5 down!

Sturdy Mattress Frames for Less
When you need a sturdy mattress frame, check out 5th Avenue Furniture’s selection from heavy-duty platform bed frames for optimal support to awesome adjustable bed bases so you can raise your feet or sit up to read or eat in bed comfortably. Many of our basic mattress frames are supremely adaptable, adjustable for any size mattress we sell. Count on their welded legs to hold up your mattress and box foundation handily. You also get an awesome middle support beam and headboard brackets.

Get a good night’s rest for a change thanks to the mattress sale at 5th Avenue Furniture.