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Since 2005, 5th Avenue Furniture has offered the highest quality furniture and the widest selection available anywhere at the lowest prices. We are a Detroit, MI based company with a passion for home furnishings. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Being the family operated business that we are allows us to the ideal combination of excellent service and quality furniture.

Simply put, our goal and mission is to ensure every customer who visit our store comes away satisfied with their purchase and with the knowledge they're important to our business. Along with an extensive selection of the finest furniture, you'll find a wide array of accessories, lighting options, mattresses and imported rugs.

You can be sure of a comfortable and satisfactory experience with 5th Avenue Furniture. You place your order and we deliver it - as promised and on time. That's our guarantee to you. Each selection you make comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty. Because we partner with only those manufacturers that are both reputable and share the same business philosophies we do, we are confident in the warranties offered to our customers.

With plans for further expansion, it's our goal to provide a variety of product lines to meet everyone's personal tastes. We know how important it is for your surroundings to reflect a bit of your personality and reveal your own sense of style. We take pride in every item found in our extensive inventories.

We know there's work to be done as we continue with our expansion efforts - both with our online presence as well as the inventory of fine furnishings we offer. We welcome suggestions and feedback on the job we're doing for you, our customer.

Sunglass RB3184

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